About Us


a vintage typewriter with a page loaded in it with the text "About Us: A Story By The GelCoater" typed on it.

The GelCoater is a family run startup that prides itself on offering high quality and innovative products at competitive prices.  With close to 40 years experience in the North American composites industry we understand the changing landscape of the industry and the struggles that composites manufacturers are facing just to make ends meet.  Our goal is to provide you with the same or better products that you are used to but at a price that is fair.

After spending 15 years working for a big three, North American automotive manufacturing company, our founder Ron Fleming decided to take the skills he had acquired in lean manufacturing, error proofing and other principles of Kaizen and combine them with his background in economics to fulfill a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship.  Ron's idea for The GelCoater was born out of a lifetime immersed in the composites industry which his father and business partner had worked in his whole life.  This combination of industry knowledge and experience with modern business acumen is what sets The GelCoater apart and makes it a fierce and upcoming presence in the composites industry.

Join us on our journey as we grow larger and larger month by month to offer you a growing selection of new products at great prices!  Thanks for stopping by!