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New Look, Same GelCoater!

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  • 6oz/yd² (200g/m²)

    W3-J Series Multi Compatible Fiberglass E Cloth is a premium quality cloth compatible with Polyester, Vinyl ester and Epoxy Resin Systems.

    SHOP 6oz/yd² (200g/m²) 
  • 3.25oz/yd² (110g/m²)

    The W3-J series Fiberglass cloth drapes well, lays easily on radii and corners, and conforms easily to intricate shapes and patterns.

    SHOP 3.25oz/yd² (110g/m²) 
  • 4.1oz/yd² (140g/m²)

    The W3-J series Fiberglass cloth also wets out faster and more evenly to accelerate rolling and brushing.

    SHOP 4.1oz/yd² (140g/m²) 

NEW!!! Sea Line S05 One Step Heavy Cut & Gloss Gelcoat Renewal Polishing Paste