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The Gelcoater

The GX4 HVLP Gelcoat and Resin Spray Gun with 4.8mm Nozzle

The GX4 HVLP Gelcoat and Resin Spray Gun with 4.8mm Nozzle

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This is the best, most versatile gun you will ever own!  The best of both worlds!  The high quality, 4.8mm nozzle equipped, HVLP will allow you to spray accurately for fine finish jobs.  The large size of the 4.8mm nozzle will also allow you to quickly spray large amounts of material for large jobs like mold spraying.  Now you can have it all!

The high quality and affordability of this gun eliminate the need for expensive production guns and makes it perfect for everyone from the smallest hobbyist to the largest fibreglass shop.

The Model GX4 features a large 1000mL plastic cup that will allow you to spray more and refill less, speeding up production and saving you money. As a bonus, you can add an optional 1.0L aluminum cup (not included).

The GX4 allows highly accurate spray adjustments.  It features separate controls for spray pattern width and material volume which allows pinpoint accuracy while spraying resulting in massive reductions in overspray, wasted material and wasted money!

The die-cast body ensures long life and features a specially designed plastic seal just behind the air cap threads as well as fewer internal seals virtually eliminating the chance of failure owing to their resistance to acetone and other commonly used cleaners and emulsifiers. Most HVLP gravity feed cup guns use nylon flat seals which disintegrate when cleaned with acetone but the GX4 can be cleaned in acetone worry free.


  • Specially designed and developed for spraying of Gel Coats.
  • 4.8mm self centering, stainless steel nozzle provides superb spraying of high viscosity fluids like resins and gel coats on large surfaces.
  • HVLP gravity feed greatly reduces overspray and waste and saves you money.
  • Requires very little pressure compared to siphon fed guns and thus less energy saving you even more money.
  • 3-way adjustments of pattern width and material volume allow very accurate customized spraying.
  • Specially designed seals allow worry-free cleaning in acetone.
  • Precision machined, die cast body with 2-step trigger control.
  • Large 1000mL plastic cup (included) allows more spraying with less filling of the cup increasing productivity (optional 1000mL aluminum cup available (not included)).


  • Nozzle:                              4.8mm Resin/Gelcoat Nozzle Assembly
  • Cup Capacity:                    1000mL (1000mL optional aluminum cup (not                                                        included))
  • Pressure required:              50-80 psi
  • Pattern width:                     fan shape 180mm
  • Air Consumption:               7 - 12cfm
  • Air Connection:                  1/4" NPT (connection included (see photo))
  • Material Cup Connection:  M16 1.5mm
  • Dry Weight:                        1.62 lbs.  (0.7kg)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x GX4 - 4.8mm HVLP spray gun.
  • 1 x 1000mL plastic material cup.
  • 1 x user manual/parts list.
  • 1 x spanner (wrench).
  • 1 x socket spanner (socket wrench).
  • 1 x cleaning brush.
  • 2pc airline connection hardware (see picture).

Watch the GX4 in action below!

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