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The Gelcoater

G-Two-Five (G2.5) HVLP Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun with 1.4mm to 2.5mm Nozzle Sizes

G-Two-Five (G2.5) HVLP Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun with 1.4mm to 2.5mm Nozzle Sizes

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The Gelcoater G-Two-Five (G2.5) 

HVLP Gelcoat and Resin Spray Gun

With 2.5mm Nozzle

The G-Two-Five gelcoat spray gun is a full size professional grade HVLP gravity feed spray gun for spraying gelcoat, resin, or any high viscosity material.  The 2.5mm stainless nozzle is perfect for spraying gelcoat, resin or any high viscosity material too thick for conventional spray guns.  With an adjustable fan size up to 8 inches wide this gun is perfect for spraying large surfaces like molds, boats and hulls large and small and any composite refinishing job.  The 3-way adjustable controls feature a side mounted pattern adjust knob, rear mounted fluid adjust knob and bottom mounted air adjust control.  

The G-Two-Five HVLP gelcoat spray gun comes standard with an owners manual featuring operation and care instructions for everyone from beginner to professional users, a tool kit with a wrench, hex wrench, 2 material filters, cleaning brush and a 600mL material cup.  The G-Two-Five is constructed with higher quality materials than similar looking HVLP guns and is designed to withstand acetone and other solvents used in the composites industry.

The G-Two-Five offers versatility with smaller size nozzle kits available in 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm and 2.2mm making it suitable for almost any HVLP application! 


  • Full size, professional grade HVLP spray gun able to spray large volumes and large surfaces.
  • Large 2.5mm nozzle for spraying gelcoat, resin or any high viscosity material.
  • 3-way-adjustable controls featuring fan adjust, material/fluid adjust, air adjust.
  • Detailed users manual with illustrated instructions for all levels of user.
  • Constructed of higher quality materials than other similar looking HVLP spray guns.
  • HVLP technology uses less air and greatly reduces overspray resulting in massive energy, cleanup and material savings.
  • Compatible with acetone and other solvents common in the composites industry.
  • Optional nozzle kits available in 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm and 2.2mm means you can use G-Two-Five for almost any HVLP application!


  • Standard nozzle size:                   2.5mm
  • Feed Type:                                    Gravity
  • Recommended air pressure:        0.2~0.4MPa/2~4bar/29~58PSI
  • Air inlet connection:                      1/4 inch NPT
  • Material cup connection:              M16 1.5mm
  • Total assembled gun weight:        1lb 8oz (676g) (including cup)
  • Total assembled gun weight:        1lb 4oz (570g) (without cup)
  • Total assembled gun size:            H 13 1/2" x W 5 3/4" (34cm x 14.5cm) (including cup)
  • Total assembled gun size:            H 7 3/4"x W 5 3/4" (19cm x 14.5cm) (without cup)
  • Included cup volume:                    600mL
  • Total package weight:                   2lb 5.6oz (1067g)
  • Total package size:                       9" x 6.5" x 5.5" (23cm x 16.5cm x 14cm)

Package Contents

  • G-Two-Five HVLP gravity feed gelcoat spray gun with 2.5mm nozzle.
  • 600mL plastic material cup.
  • Tool kit with wrench, hex wrench, 2 plastic material filters (1 pre-installed in gun) and cleaning brush.
  • Detailed and illustrated user manual.
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