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50 pack of 1L Disposable Cup Liners For GelCoater GX1000 & ES G100 Gelcoat Spray Gun

50 pack of 1L Disposable Cup Liners For GelCoater GX1000 & ES G100 Gelcoat Spray Gun

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With these disposable 32oz / 1 Liter plastic cup liners you can turn your GelCoater GX1000 or ES G100 Gelcoat and Resin Cup / Dump Gun from a fast and easy to clean gelcoat and resin spray gun to THE FASTEST AND EASIEST to clean gun in the industry!  Just insert a liner into the plastic Poly-Pro graduated cup or paper cup you are using with the GX1000 or G100 and mix your material right in the lined cup and then simply insert the cast aluminum lid onto the lined cup, attach the cup to the gun and you are ready to spray!  

Afterwards you can refill the lined cup or simply remove the liner, discard it and use a new liner in the cup without having to clean it.  Either way you will save time cleaning the cup and save money on cleaning solvents.  

Also available in packs of 25, 100, 500 and a full case of 2000.

  • Use the same lined cup to both mix and spray from!

  • Cup liners are much less expensive than disposable paper cups!

  • Spray large amounts of material quickly by pre-measuring into as many cups as you need without having to clean any of them!

  • Eliminate clean up time by eliminating the need to clean your cup!

  • With no cup to clean you greatly reduce the amount of solvent used in your cleanup.


  • 32oz (1L) chemical resistant disposable cup liners for mixing and spraying. 

 Package Contents:

  • 50 x 32oz (1L) disposable cup liners for GX1000, G100 or G200 gelcoat and resin cup / dump gun.

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