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Sea Line S05 One Step Heavy Cut & Gloss Polishing Paste, 2.2lb / 1kg pail

Sea Line S05 One Step Heavy Cut & Gloss Polishing Paste, 2.2lb / 1kg pail

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35oz/2.2lb (1kg) Sea Line S05 One Step Heavy Cut & Gloss

Polishing Paste for Fiberglass and Composites


At The we carry only the best products from the best manufacturers and Sea Line products are exactly that!  Sea Line is a European marine coatings, fillers, polishes and adhesives specialist.  For over 40 years they have been perfecting their line of over 200 products.  

Sea-Line® S05 is a ONE-STEP ultra high-grade polishing compound free of fillers like waxes and silicones that is primarily designed for gelcoat and industrial topcoats with a high degree of hardness.  

Sea-Line® S05 polishing compound has a high cutting force which guarantees quick removal of defects and grind marks while buffing to a final glossed finish.  With S05 you can go from sanding with a FEPA P800/CAMI 400 grit paper to a final glossy finish in ONE STEP.

S05 is also highly effective as a gel coat renewal product for renewing oxidized surfaces, removing yellowing on bright colors and removing chalkiness or dullness on dark surfaces.

Use on high hardness coatings such as gelcoat, tooling gelcoat, polyurethane paints and varnishes, industrial paints, plexi and polycarbonates.


  • Two products in one: Sea-Line® S05 polishing compound cuts and buffs!  It takes you from sanding to buffing your final glossy finish in ONE STEP!
  • Eliminates the need for sandpaper AND finishing pastes!
  • Cuts away grind marks from sandpaper as course as 400 grit (CAMI)/P800 (FEPA).
  • Sea-Line® S05 has a long pot life after application allowing work on large surfaces.
  • Sea-Line® S05 is free from fillers like waxes and silicones.
  • Polishes away fine scratch marks and surface hazing leaving a durable, high-luster foundation.
  • Removes chalking (oxidation) from gel coated surfaces including boats, tubs and cultured marble, and restores shine!

  • Ideal as final polish for cultured marble and gel coated fiberglass and adds depth of color to solid surface products.

  • Highly effective as a gel coat renewal product removing chalking associated with oxidation and leaving a glossy long lasting shine.

  • Advantages in reducing costs and production time.


  • Cut Level:         
  • Gloss Level:      
  • 2.2lb/35oz (1kg) paste wax.

  • Can be applied by hand, rotary polisher or orbital polisher (maximum 1800RPM).
  • Made in Poland.

Package Contents:

  • One 2.2lb/35oz (1kg) pail of Sea-Line® S05 Polishing Compound.

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